Let us introduce ourselves

We are individuals who dedicated their lives to understand apply and teach about soul , body , mind , heart and spirit the last 10+ years and mastered results in their personal lives and also helped thousands to bring results in life & wealth .

Savvas Christofi

Savvas Christofi has traveled the world (57 countries so far ) and his passion is to give back as much as he can back to the citizens of the world through his experience . He has been trained from many top world class masters like Tony Robbins , Richard Bundler (father of NLP) – Savvas is graduator of NLP Practitioner and Master NLP – , Shaolin Temple from top Sifu in China , in Oneness University in India , Mount Athos , John Maxwell (father of Leadership ) and many others . All this experience and what has brought results in his life and his students’ lives bring it in this 3day event so anybody can master him/herself and show up at the highest authentic edition of him/herself in a daily basis . Savvas truly believes in true servant and spiritual leadership and that is the foundation for a better world . Believe event is a tool and a great start for any human who wants more and be more .


Christos Christofi

Christos Christofi was born on 14th of November 1985 . His passion is to share his success methods and his fulfillment way of living to other people who would like to live like this . He’s a graduator of top world trainings from world class masters like Tony Robbins , Richard Bundler (Father of NLP) and many others . He loves to travel and creating life moments with other people and his family . He has traveled in more than 40 countries so far and he can’t wait to share beautiful moments with the Believers .


" If you judge people then you have no time to love them "
- Mother Teresa
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